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Journey into Christmas
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Starting from 2018, the "Media Aetas" Association has decided to set up a truly unique representation of the nativity.

Commonly called a living nativity scene, it's actually something completely different.

The first feature is that a temporal transposition is implemented which leads to setting the story in medieval times. But the most particular thing is that while in traditional living nativity scenes you can simply witness a series of scenes, reproduced in a static way, in Viaggio nel Natale the visitor literally makes the journey together with the protagonists of the most fascinating history of humanity.

Once through the arch of Piazza Municipio, visitors, in groups of about thirty people, are greeted by mystical silence and a narrator. It, reciting passages taken from the Gospels, narrates the announcement of the advent of the Messiah. Starting from Largario Fratelli Verona, where we witness the scene of the Annunciation, Mary and Joseph, with figures and visitors in tow, set off on their perilous journey that will take them to Bethlehem. During the journey, each stage will be surrounded by a soundtrack that will highlight its emphasis. Along the way you will meet bizarre characters, busy artisans in their shops or forges. We will witness the scene of the inn, where Mary and Joseph will be refused accommodation. The personification of a prophecy will appear announcing the birth of the Child in the humble manger. We will face the irrepressible anger of Herod who orders the slaughter of the innocent. Until the ecstasy of a door that opens wide and reveals the birth of Jesus.

The first two editions have moved and excited anyone who has seen them and we are sure that the next ones will still give us great emotions.

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