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The Medieval Festival of San Vittore del Lazio

The Medieval Festival is the flagship event of the "Media Aetas" Association. Born in 2002 as an event organized by the then existing Pro Loco, since 2011 it is entirely managed by our Association which has revived its splendor bringing it to ever-increasing levels.

The event generally takes place in the first weekend of August, unless the latter falls in the very first days of the month. In this case it is moved to the second weekend to allow the organizers, all volunteers, to have more time available for the set-up and San Vittorio residents far from the country to return and enjoy the holidays.

The event takes place entirely in the historic center and currently involves Piazza Municipio, the ring of the ancient via Castello and Largario Corte dei Santi. The latter rises to "parade ground", where most of the shows are concentrated, some of which are truly breathtaking.

The beginning of the party is marked by a feverish wait that involves all citizens. The participants are preparing to parade through the streets of the town to give life to the historical procession which has its apex with the opening ceremony of the castle door, located at the pointed arch of Piazza Municpio, to continue with the welcome that all the figures give to visitors in the Largario Corte dei Santi. Here, in a riot of colors, the banners parade and receive the solemn blessing amidst grandiloquent music that punctuates the various phases of the opening ceremony of the party. Immediately afterwards, strictly themed shows accompany guests until dusk. It is at this point that the most goliardic part of the event comes to life, the food stands, expertly set up and able to form a scenographic system of considerable impact, open their doors and visitors can taste the local delicacies. During the evening there are countless surprises staged by professionals from the theater, street entertainment, historical reenactors and the organizers themselves.

A unique feature of the Medieval Festival of San Vittore del Lazio is the presence of a change desk at the entrance to the circuit. Throughout the event the euro is banned and you can only spend "Il Coccio", an octagonal shaped terracotta coin coined by the organizers' imagination, which will be available with a ratio of 1: 1.

In the following days, two teams compete for the Palio in an exciting and fun Game of the Living Goose. On the pavement of Largario Corte dei Santi, the game layout sees the captains of the two teams alternate, moved like pawns by the throwing of the giant dice that will sanction their destiny. Between unlikely pawns, pitfalls and penalties, the divetrimento is assured.

Over the years, from a small local event, the Medieval Festival has turned into an event of great importance that attracts visitors from hundreds of kilometers. During the event, thousands of customers invade our historic center and enjoy the magic of unforgettable days for adults and children.

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